YWAM Trentino

The Base

We are a pioneering team that was sent out from YWAM Amsterdam in partnership with YWAM in Italy, and is a part of the global YWAM family.

One of the things we love about our home base in Amsterdam is that it has a beautiful mix of Local Outreach combined with Mission Training all in the same place, and this is what we’re planning to see multiplied in Italy as well.

We love being family on a mission, we are always looking for new adventures, we embrace diversity, we are passionate about seeing God’s creativity in the outdoors and seeing his people reflect that creativity through the arts as well, we enjoy travel, and we truly do desire to Know God and Make Him Known together – in Italy and worldwide.

  • connect@ywamtrentino.com

  • https://www.ywamtrentino.com/