YWAM Ragusa

The Base

As an operating location of the international missions movement YOUTH WITH A MISSION in Ragusa, Sicily, a large part of our work is directed towards the refugees who flee across the Mediterranean and have been reaching Europe via our coasts for years now.
We arrived in 2012 to Ragusa where we founded “Missione Tre V Onlus”, a non-profit association that enables us to serve those God has put before us. As part of the YWAM family, working alongside our volunteers from all over the world and the local church, we have reached out to those God has put before us.
Through “The OPEN HOUSE Ragusa”, a day center for migrants which we founded in 2015 and ran until March 2020, we have been able to meet the needs of the refugees and, through various initiatives, help those who left their country having fled war, religious or political persecution or poverty.

What we do

As a registered association, we have permission to regularly visit the refugee centers in the region, where we have been able to distribute relief supplies and hold church services with our staff and outreach teams. We have been able to provide a platform for many international outreach teams in recent years. The students volunteered in the OPEN HOUSE, visited the refugee facilities in the region, and were involved in various activities together with local churches.
Our aim is to help people not only by distributing relief supplies and providing psychological support, but mainly to actively assist in the assimilation of refugees through integration programs such as computer, sewing, and language training as well as conversation groups and Bible study groups.
In addition, we organize weekly prayer meetings and worship evenings, offer seminars on important topics such as biblical Christian worldview, poverty, social justice, religions and trauma.


We just purchased a building in the historic center of Ragusa, where we will finally be able to realize our long-term-vision: to build up a place of discipleship, prayer, worship and service for refugees and migrants in Ragusa, Sicily – a mission and training center!
The YWAM’s schools and seminars are part of the UofN (University of the Nations) and will be offered bilingually in English and Italian, and contribute to teaching and sending out people from different nations

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For the past several years, our team has been a colorful mix of people from Brazil, America, Italy and Germany!  For the future it is our desire to have 2-3 more couples / families who want to invest for a period of at least 2 years.


Bible Studies

Immigrant Ministry


Church Ministries, Training

Missione Tre V onlus / Open House Ragusa

A ministry of YWAM in Sicily under the refugees that reach the borders of Europe by boat. Languages: Italian, English, Arabic