YWAM Francavilla al Mare

The Base

YWAM Francavilla al Mare is led by the Goldney Family. YWAM Francavilla al Mare is passionate about; hospitality, action sports, youth, training, off-grid living and loving our local community. We believe in dispelling the Myth that God is a Killjoy, mostly among Western European young people. We are involved in the development of several innovative youth projects, and run the school of "Freesports and Youth Culture" within the University of the Nations

  • https://philfreesports.wixsite.com/ywambeachbase


Off-Grid Living

We believe good environmental stewardship is a natural response to our relationship with our Creator. We are planning to test/develop models of off-grid living. We hope to communicate lessons we learn to our local community and beyond.

Youth Ministries

Sports Ministries

Church Ministries