YWAM Florence

The Base

We are a private international Visual Arts Academy based in the heart of Italy – Florence since 2009.

Our mission: To empower and train the student to gain the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for becoming a professional in the field of Visual Arts.

FCAA is accredited by Regione Toscana. This provides for our students an opportunity to receive the Diploma

YWAM/FCAA Florence Italy

It has been my and my team’s dream and vision for a long time to contribute to raising the level of professionalism among Christian artists. I have personally taught many seminars and workshop at different YWAM bases around the world as a visiting lecturer in creative DTS. This year 2020 has turned our lives upside down, and many “normal” ways of doing things became unavailable. But God always has a way out of any situation and if we trust and plug into His creativity, a new exciting paths can open up for us.
That’s how the new idea of creating an online school came about. So we did many hours of filming, writing, editing, voiceovers, putting together the most valuable information and highlights of the One-Year Foundation Program.
We created the first online program for classical painting and drawing that is not subscription-based but is a full-rounded course which takes a student from basic knowledge to drawing and painting portraiture with a life model. I believe this program will help to any creative people and ART PROGRAMS to elevate the professional education level and raise the standard of quality in Visual Arts in itself.